Short Path Distillation Kit Comes Complete and Ready to Use! Includes (1) Welch Pump, (1) 7×7 Stirring Plate, (1) Heating Mantle, (1) Temperature Controller, (1) DigiVac Temperature Gauge, (1) 1L Three Neck Round Bottom, (1) Distillation Receiver with three 250mL round bottoms, (1) Jacketed Distilling Head, (1) Thermometer, (1) Thermocouple Adapter, (1) Probe, (1) Wire Cord Type K, (1) 4×4 Scissor Jack, (2) Stands which include an Arm, Rod and a O-Ring each, (1) 24″ Rod for the Stirring Plate, (1) Magnetic Stir  Bar, a Bucket with Lid & Hose Sets as seen on the Picture for a Complete Set Up. Ships Via LTL