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As a lab owner, you might be looking for strong, transparent and contaminant resistant glassware. At Blaze Lab Solutions, we offer quality glassware for your diverse laboratory needs. From adapters to beakers, bottles to condensers, and flasks to funnels; we have every type of glassware you might need to smoothen operations at your laboratory. Our focus is not only on quantity, but we ensure that every glassware should be of top quality. It is why our range of glassware is sourced from some of the reputed brands that include Accucold, Buchi, and Ecodyst, among others.

One of the prominent glassware distributors in Torrance, Blaze Lab Solution is serving clients since its inception in 1955. We are now a trusted distributor of lab glassware. So, request a quote for your chosen glassware from our vast inventory. We will fulfill your order in the shortest turnaround time.