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Extraction Supplies

Are we looking to buy top quality chillers and water baths for your laboratory? If yes, we have the right kind of solution for you. Since our inception in 1955, we are providing chillers and water baths to prominent laboratories in California. We have a full range of benchtop chillers to select from, which include Huber Benchtop Chillers and Julabo Benchtop Chillers among others. Besides, we have water baths of different purposes like general purpose water baths and heated circulating water baths from reputed brands. Over the decades, we have become an ideal destination for chillers and water baths in Torrance.

Being a prominent distributor of chillers and water baths, we know what best suits your requirements. We have a team of experts to provide the best value on your purchase. Request a quote and one of our representatives will contact you very soon.